Swimming in the deep end: swimwear options for G-cups, H-cups, and beyond…

So I’ve never needed an excuse to look at swimwear (it’s an addiction), but in a week I’ve had three SOS messages from women struggling to find nice swimwear in G+ sizes. All three said previously swimwear shopping had reduced them to tears, and I can’t help but sympathise (me too) and also swear vengeance (never again).

So here are twelve of my favourite swimwear picks to look out for in 2013 so far (like I said, addiction)… according to the middle of the alphabet. Full marks to Curvy Kate for bringing colour and prints to the Ks, to Freya for once again blowing my mind like eight times, and to Panache for Tallulah’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g high waisted knickers. It’s not even summer yet! *hyperventilates*


Miss Mandalay Gingham Girl Bikini

Miss Mandalay: Gingham bikini: 30-38 D-G

Panache Stella Bandeau Bikini

Panache: Stella Bandeau bikini: 30-38 D-G


Midnight Grace by Figleaves Flower Garden BikiniMidnight Grace by Figleaves: Flower Garden bikini: 30-38 D-GG

Hello Sailor Freya Tankini

Freya: Hello Sailor tankini: 32-38 D-GG


Freya Sunset Boulevard Bikini

Freya: Sunset Boulevard bikini: 28-36 D-H, 38 D-G

Fantasie Kyoto Lotus Bikini

Fantasie: Kyoto Lotus Blossom bikini: 30-40 D-H

Freya Manhattan Black Underwired Plunge Bikini Top

Freya: Manhattan bikini: 28-36 D-H , 38 C-G


Panache Tallulah Balconnet Bikini

Panache: Tallulah balconnet bikini: 30-38 D-J


Freya Pier Iris Bikini

Freya: Iris Pier Bikini: 30-38 H-JJ


Horizon Red Stripe Curvy Kate Bikini

Curvy Kate: Horizon Red Stripe bikini: 28-40 D-K

Curvy Kate Flirt Black/Flower Bikini

Curvy Kate: Flirt Black/Flower bikini: 28-40 D-K

Panache Veronica Bikini

Panache: Veronica bikini: 30-38 D-K

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10 Responses to Swimming in the deep end: swimwear options for G-cups, H-cups, and beyond…

  1. Olga says:

    OMG, I want that Freya tankini! Swoon!

  2. Swimwear says:

    I agree Olga the range of swimwear this blog has shown is truly stunning!

  3. Fussy Busty says:

    Tallulah…..swoon! 🙂

  4. Helen says:

    Love the Freya Sunset Boulevard bikini!

  5. NotMyRealName^__^ says:

    I almost openly sobbed when I saw this awesome selection ;w; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  6. Kate says:

    Ummm I don’t think you get that bigger busted women, for the most part, do NOT want to wear bikinis. Thanks for nothing.

    • Actually I get letters all the time from D+ women desperate for a stylish two-piece – provided you get one that fits perfectly there’s no reason a woman wouldn’t feel confident and supported in one. But you might prefer this post: one-pieces for G+ busts https://busts4justice.com/2013/06/05/help-me-busts-4-justice-the-quest-for-a-one-piece-h-cup-swimsuit/

    • Justsayin says:

      I agree Kate. I came to see swimsuits for big busted women and all I see are size 2 models. Is this a joke?

      • MissLaura says:

        Hi Justsayin – I have to say that as a girl with a 10E bust in Australia (apparently that’s about 32E in the US?) these bikinis were fantastic news for me. But I do understand that not every curvy women wants to wear a bikini. There are some lovely sites that do “tankinis” if you want to cover your stomach (and I know I want to sometimes!). In Australia I buy the (plain) tops from places like http://www.zodee.com.au for those days – I’m sure there are loads more sites with similar swimwear! 🙂 But I do really prefer having a bikini underneath the top than completely relying on a one-piece to hold me in place when I’m surfing or swimming in the ocean! Hope that helped! Lx

  7. Jenn says:

    Check out http://www.jennasea.com. Great suits for D to G cups in bikini and tankini options!

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