Victoria’s Secret: my depressing Valentine

I seriously think I have an allergy to Victoria’s Secret: almost everything I see of theirs riles me. They are the opposite of everything I would hope for a lingerie company to be, and yet are relentless in their domination of lingerie retail and news.

It’s not as if their latest “Decoding Love” Valentine’s video is aggressively offensive – I know that the marketing department meant this as ‘a bit of fun’ – but it really, really annoys me. I find it overwhelmingly bleak. *Tee hee* Silly men, they never get it right; *tee hee* that is so like a woman, never saying what she means.

These caricatures do nothing but make losers of us all. But then, at least we can find salvation/solace in three piece set of awkwardly fitting lingerie. How did relationships survive before Victoria’s Secret? Le sigh.

I’d rather get my smalls from a company who respects my intelligence, knows sexuality is more than fake tan and pouting, gives a damn about my comfort, and doesn’t play in to the whole ‘ball and chain’ routine that makes idiots of us all. A company rather like my boyfriend, I suppose. (Beard optional.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For more on the matter, check out Why I Hate Victoria’s Secret.

Victoria's Secret Valentine

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3 Responses to Victoria’s Secret: my depressing Valentine

  1. Lamb says:

    Preach! This advertising campaign is really revolting and plays to some nasty gender stereotypes!
    Victoria’s Secret makes me feel uncomfortable in many ways!

  2. Sweets says:

    Ugh I HAAATE the ball-and-chain thing. We all look terrible when we buy into that nonsense. Thanks for writing this!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Completely agree. I wish I never had to glimpse a Victoria Secret ad for the rest of my life.

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