Suzie by Miss Mandalay reviewed

Miss Mandalay by Suzie Review | Busts 4 Justice

I’m still loving being thirty, and especially love getting belated presents from my lingerie chums. The lovely Large Cup Lingerie (who – and fellow non-UK residents will appreciate just how day-improvingly brilliant this is – deliver worldwide for free ) just made my week with a beautifully wrapped little package of goodies to kick start my fourth decade lingerie habit. One half of this package may be my favourite bra of all time (I know, I know… another one). But that’s a story for another day. The other was the rather beautiful Suzie bra by purveyors of sherbet colours, retro styles and related loveliness: Miss Mandalay

The mighty Caitlin Moran says that leopard print is a neutral, and she’s absolutely right. Suzie is really a basic pink bra, with the added benefit of being non-boring and totally awesome. It’s the first bra in ages Mr B4J has noticed me parade around in, and though I can’t help feeling it would better on any skin tone darker than my own, it’s still a great looking bra on. Plus, I love a big ribbon. Who can say no to a big ribbon?

Suzie is a padded balcony with a fairly firm back and the power to give you a traffic stopping cleavage (which might explain Mr B4J’s interest more than the pink leopard print, I suppose….) As is often the case with padded balconies (similar to Ellie by Cleo), this cleavage has a lot to do with the space at the top of the cup – it’s definitely giving me a slightly trussed up ‘heaving bosom’ rather than a modest ‘daily with decorum’ – but then, that’s leopard print for you: basic, with a fun twist.

I could definitely use another half cup to make Suzie perfect as I suspect the heaving may overspill should I get too excited. I do love this bra for it’s everyday frivolousness – but it may be worth sizing up on if a more practical balcony is preferred, and (of course, as it stops at a GG cup) if it is possible.

Suzie by Miss Mandalay is available now, in sizes 30C-38GG.


Thank you LCL for letting me get my big cat on! *purrr* xx

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