Gabby Logan for Speedo

Gabby Logan Speedo

Gabby Logan is the new spokeswoman (and spokesbody) for Speedo Sculpture – a new swimsuit collection with hidden support to help women feel more confident about swimming for fitness.

Okay, so it’s pretty messed up that as the awesome and inspiring paralympics draw to a close we have a culture so messed up that ‘fear of their own lumps and bumps’ is an obstacle that women need to ‘overcome’, but sadly that’s what we have. I’m a firm believer that exercise and all its associated endorphines are great for vanquishing self-hating – but if you feel too ashamed of your body to take part how are you ever supposed to break the negative cycle? If this product gets more women to be active, then it’s as valid as a sports bra.

That said, I do wish Speedo hadn’t paired Gabby’s appointment to the motivational “Plunge Panel” with a celebrity hair and make-up stylist. It makes it less about empowerment, more about making women feel they need to worry about dressing up for the pool. Come on, Speedo. If this was all about getting women in to the pool, you’d be giving tips on not-giving-a-crap about hair and make-up. No one looks hot with chlorine pinked eyes and a swimming cap. The important thing to know is that it doesn’t matter. Grr.

Anyway, for those of us with too much up top for Speedo, for me Freya Active is still the best D+ swimwear out there. Well worth trying if your boobs tend to migrate to your chin in the pool.

Don’t be afraid to jump in. The water – and your body too – is fine.

Gabby Logan Speedo

(Images nabbed from Speedo)

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