Can I tempt you? Curvy Kate’s scarlet Showgirl reviewed

ImageCurvy Kate’s unstoppable rise to global domination may have been spearheaded by its ingenious Star in a Bra model search competition , but it’s its incredibly popular lingerie (especially the hugely popular Showgirl collection) that is the real power behind the throne.

But for some reason, in spite of its inexorable popularity in the wider blogging community, I’d never managed to try it myself. Disgraced, I used my recent Brastop splurge to rectify this absurd oversight.

Tempt Me is definitely more, erm, bordello-y than I usually wear every day, but it is precisely the bright colours, extravagant details, and boudoir finish that make it such a popular style. There’s a huge amount of detailing involved for such an inexpensive bra: Tempt Me has satin button details, detailed patterned lace overlaying the satin cups, and bows all vying for attention. Not that once on any onlookers would stand a chance of noticing – because it really does give an astonishing cleavage.

Tempt Me Curvy Kate Close

The cups are slightly wide set, though with such a narrow center gore this didn’t pose as many problems as a balconette style might. The back is nice and snug, although judging by my slight quadraboob and side-spill it runs slightly small in the cup. It might be worth sizing up there – I definitely need a 30GG to avoid any escapage.

It’s an extremely dramatic bra and a very deep plunge – and there’s no doubt that Tempt Me is not a bra for wallflowers or people standing near others operating heavy machinery. This is a bra designed to be noticed. But it’s also designed to be comfortable and supported, and – most importantly – fun. It is bordello, but its sexiness is sincere and not cliche (or itchy) in the way some other *cough, Ann Summers, cough* high street attempts at ‘sexiness’ can be. A cracking litte bra for the brave.

Oh, and on another note I love silly high waisted pants. A girl can never have too many high waisted pants. More of those, please.

Tempt Me is available in a wide range of sizes, from 28-38 D-J (with some exceptions). But more exciting is this new midnight colourway for Autumn (available September 12) – which simply by not being red is less bordello and more oo helloooo. One to watch.

Curvy Kate Midnight Blue Tempt Me Lingerie

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7 Responses to Can I tempt you? Curvy Kate’s scarlet Showgirl reviewed

  1. Nicola says:

    I love this bra but just cannot make it work as I have one side a cup size bigger and I am being really picky about fit at the minute. Love it and wish curvy kate worked for me as their bras are lovely just the wide set straps do not work. x

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  3. Michelle says:

    This is one of my favourite bras that I own 🙂 I adore it and wear it as an everyday bra because I’m just like that xx

  4. faustineli says:

    This bra drives me insane because I’m bottom-heavy, leaving a fold in the fabric, almost no matter how I size! It makes the fit tremendously awkward, which is sad, because I love the details as compared to the other Showgirls.

  5. katydid says:

    I fit the tempt me (more or less) , but Curvy Kate sizing is very odd, I have the Tempt Me in Scarlet in 32F (my go-to size) and in Gold in 32FF, the 32FF is clearly a bigger bra, but fits exactly the same as the 32F, i.e. with minor overspill.

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