Sophie Morgan is Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra!

Sophie Morgan wins Curvy Kate Star in a Bra 2012After the fiercest UK Star in a Bra battle to date, the gorgeous Sophie Morgan has been crowned as Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra 2012. She succeeds the ever wonderful Lizzie Haines as queen of curves, and will represent the brand for the next year.

I’m extra pleased because Sophie was also my personal number one choice. All the ladies in the top ten were stunning, but specifically it was this in her interview that made me click for her:

“I do believe that I have the passion, the confidence and the brains not just to model Curvy Kate, but to live and breathe everything that it stands for. […] Because of the competition, people have been listening to what I have to say, reading the things I write and actually acknowledging that we NEED society to present more varied body types to women and young girls. We need this shift in social mindset so that we can bring forth a generation of strong, confident women, with the guts to take the power back from the media and the fashion industry who have made us feel so unworthy, and stand up and be counted!

“Having experienced really low times because of my self-image in the past, coming out of it to find myself here, in my pants, laughing and smiling and showing off my body to the world, has been one of the most positive things I have ever done…I just want the opportunity to be involved in anything that can make other women and young girls like me feel the same way, and realise that beauty is all about how you feel..not how you look!”

In her winners’ speech she added:

‘I believe it is vital for our society to make a shift in the way we view women and the way women are portrayed in the media and fashion industry. Now more than ever we need brands like Curvy Kate to acknowledge that we want  to see more varied portrayals of the female body, so that girls no longer grow up comparing themselves to such a narrow ideal of what beauty can be.’

Brains, passion, and a cracking attitude to boot. I love her. Congratulations Sophie!






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