Elle Macpherson Intimates available in a 30 back

elle macpherson intimates

I have been coveting Elle Macpherson Intimates’ colourful boudoir inspired lingerie since they launched their D-G range, but hitherto haven’t been able to play with much success because they started at a 32 back.

Enthusiastic as I was though, I somehow missed the announcement that finally my ship had come. It’s finally happened – Elle Macpherson now stock 30 backs. Hurrah!

Or so I thought. I tried the basic Artistry bra (above – how beautiful is the blue?) – and though it’s beautiful – simple, elegant, vintage-y and sophisticated – it’s definitely not for me. The band is snug, which I like, and the cup technically fits perfectly. But somehow, it’s not a match. The wires come up far to high at the sides for my (pretty average) frame, and didn’t quite sit right in the middle either – the cups seemed slightly too far apart. For my shape at least, it was too wide a bra for my body. But for those trying to problem solve a long rib cage, or wide set boobs – it might just be the solution for you – would be really interesting to see who it works for. Even though it’s a bit ya-boo-sucks for me….

Elle Macpherson Intimates is widely available online and in stores, including from Figleaves, House of Fraser, and Selfridges.

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3 Responses to Elle Macpherson Intimates available in a 30 back

  1. sandra says:

    Thats great. The smaller bandsizes, not your experience.
    I love the look of elle macphearson bras. I have one bra from them at the moment, and even thou I’m normally a 30 in the band, I found the 32 band in this bra (cloud swing) to be even more snug then a 30 band from freya. So I think many of you who normally wear 28 bands can try out elle now 🙂 I like my bra from elle a lot, its really nice to wear, and gives a very round shape. Only criticism is the lack of support in the fabric of the cups. It’s not so structured…

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  3. Brianna says:

    They have such beautiful bras; I wish they went higher than a G cup.

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