Boohoo Avenue

Boux Avenue launched properly today, with the Glasgow shop and the website opening for business.  We were more than a little bit excited: the teaser photos on Twitter and Facebook had been beautiful, the launch party looked spectacular, and Boux Avenue had tweeted at @Busts4Justice to reassure us that “our bras start at 30 – in ranges to cater to all ages and styles…”

So we were more than a little bit disappointed to discover that this was a teeny bit misleading.  While they do boast a wide range of beautiful vintage inspired styles, the G ranges are limited and more functional than fabulous.  And let’s face it: functional bras are one thing G ranges are not lacking in: we want what they’re not offering us.

All is not lost though. F cups are fractionally better served (though the two prettiest options – above – only start at a 32″ back *sigh*),  and Boux Avenue have tweeted today to say that they’ll be expanding their ranges and sizes all the time.  For now though, we’ll just have to watch and hope…

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