New Year’s Resolution #184278321.4: GET OVER BOOBS

After a Toblerone, pyjama and Danish murder mystery based Christmas hiatus, B4J is back and ready for another year of boob justice, bra reviews, and the rest. But before we launch in to whatever treats 2013 has in store for us I’d like to take a pause and make a small resolution for 2013…. Can we make 2013 the year we get over boobs?

Before you rush to inspect my addled brains for sign of Swiss chocolate haemorrhage, let me explain. Breasts are brilliant. Not only are they fun, they look great in a balconette AND can deploy vast quantities of exactly the nutrition a newborn baby needs without a recipe. Breasts are something to be celebrated, cherished, respected, checked routinely, and generally loved – and B4J will continue to be here for them.

But we – and by we, I mean a lot of people that probably aren’t the sort of people who read Busts 4 Justice – have a bizarre and increasingly tedious obsession with boobs that does nothing but flood the Internet with great tomes of writing each and every day whilst simultaneously grossing me out in the process. Miley Cyrus’s bra size is not news. Emma Watson’s side boob is not news. Taylor Swift’s bra strap is definitely not news. PEOPLE, THIS ISN’T NEWS!

The worst thing is, it’s just flat out creepy. As a society don’t we generally believe that someone following very young women, obsessively staring at their breasts and speculating about their underwear/bra size is an acceptable thing. In fact the consensus is that that would be gross, inappropriate and sinister, and probably worthy of a restraining order of some description.  I think the world would be an infinitely better – and safer – place if we made a collective resolution not to put up with these creepers any more.

I’ll probably give up Toblerone for a bit too.

Who’s with me?

Happy New Year to my lovely readers – please let me know if you have any requests for Busts 4 Justice in 2013. I’m hoping to make this year better than ever xx


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8 Responses to New Year’s Resolution #184278321.4: GET OVER BOOBS

  1. Lamb says:

    This, This, This!
    I agree so much, i cant stand that the world is so breast obsessed. What kind of message is that sending out to women and girls?!?
    One of my first blog posts was on the severe negative effect this had on me as a developing young girl, and the years it took me to realise how ridiculous it was! It would actually mean a lot to me if you’d read it and share your thoughts:

    I love your blog and the cause you support!

  2. Mags says:

    As a related note, I’ve managed to essentially ruin my mister regarding random boob ogling. Don’t get me wrong, he still loves breasts and if I walk through the room without a shirt on he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and at the very least stare; I mean he knows breasts almost as well as I know breasts now. When he sees a woman with a low cut top and a long line of cleavage he checks her back to see if her band is riding up (as it almost always is) and then quietly *tisk tisks* her! He makes these hurt little faces and sometimes leans over and says to me, “Wrong bra size AGAIN.” lol Quadraboob really disappoints him! I guess I know he actually does listen to me all the time, especially in bars when I’m staring at another woman’s blouse. So, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s just as important for men to know our cause if we’re going to get over boobs. Most women (and it pains me to say this) don’t buy a bra for its support or comfort. They buy it because they’ve been told by men and marketing that it makes them look appealing. Hence, the vast number of bras with pretty stuff stuck to them but crap support. If a man isn’t even interested in staring at a woman because she’s “too stupid to know her own body” (as my husband says) then that’s important news. Educate your men! Make them look at breasts like another body part that needs to be taken care of like the rest of the body (I promise they will never lose their charm, our boobies) and gradually objectification and sensationalism will fade. ^_^

  3. Here ye, hear ye! We’re all for it.

  4. arabellingerie says:

    great post – love the blog! x

  5. Cat says:

    I agree, but I think I’d be a lot more forgiving of bra size speculators if they usually knew what the heck they were talking about :). Seriously, though, it has gotten much too creepy.

  6. Helen says:

    Fabulous post – great, well chosen image!

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