OH EM G-CUPS: new Freya coming soon

Freya Nieve Lingerie NewUsually I avoid Freya’s ‘coming soon’ tab, inclined as I am to lose long swathes of time dreaming about lingerie I can’t own yet. But when I saw a tweet suggesting it had been updated, I couldn’t resist breaking up my commute with a cheeky peek. And oh – what a peek it was.

We’ve been expecting the longline Freya style for what feels like a lifetime now, but now we know it’s coming in just a few long short months. It’s absolutely gorgeous. The Liberty-inspired print is beautiful and the striking black trim keeps it from being too twee. I. Love. It.

The longline is only available in a modest 30D-G, 32C-36G range: a cautious debut for the style. Given how comfortable longlines are for small-backed, big-breasted women, I hope it’s something Freya plan to expand upon in time. And in spite of that disappointment, the co-ordinating balcony bra does its best to compensate, with a massive size-selection of 28-D-J, 30D-36K, 38D-JJ in a classic Freya cut.

There’s a bit of a wait for them though: Nieve isn’t released until August 2011, so I’ll have to be patient for my longline Nieve. Although, in other not totally unrelated news, August does happen to be when my birthday is…………………….

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