Boobs out in force for National Cleavage Day

Very brilliant boob health champions CoppaFeel! stormed London today to remind us to all to get a good feel of our boobies and help defend ourselves against late detection of breast cancer.

The BoobTube was out in force on the tube and around Oxford Circus, bewildering commuters, trending on Twitter, and spreading the CoppaFeel! message to all.  We love the pictures, and we love Kris and her team for their important work.

Happy National Cleavage Day from Busts 4 Justice! Now go give that cleavage some squeezage…

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1 Response to Boobs out in force for National Cleavage Day

  1. Jay says:

    Great, love the sense of humor and for an important cause. As a guy, I hope that the women of the world don’t start putting on Wonder Bras and wear low cut shirts and blouses. Then, they would take over the corporations and governments. Well, women are already doing that because they have greater intellectual ability than us, but a true “Clevage day or days” would check mate us guys permanently. Because, all I would be capable of thinking about is BOOBS of all shapes and sizes! Great site and I honor and respect Wonder Woman. She rules.

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