Her bust is for justice: Wonder Woman returns!

Wonder Woman has always been Busts 4 Justice’s mascot and lucky charm – it was she that first caught the eye of journalist and B4J’s first champion Rosamund Urwin – so we were pretty excited to hear she and her iconic costume were being revived for a new generation.

However, though the new costume addresses what on the high street would be classed as a ‘tits and legs out’ faux pas, Adrianne Palicki looks less formidable (and less classy) than Lynda Carter did in her star spangled hot pants.  Palicki looks as if the new Wonder Woman outfit is wearing her, like a girl relentlessly tugging her skirt hem down over bare legs in a club, or those uncomfortable looking women who model cheap fancy dress costumes…  So far no good.  It goes to show that strength comes from within, and self-confidence is more important than stomach crunches in making an outfit work.  Perhaps she’ll be more convincing on screen. Though I’m not sure about this Wonder Woman so far, trousers have got to be more practical than high-waisted hot pants when it comes to high-kicking the bad guys…

Most importantly, Wonder Woman’s bust for justice still looks phenomenal and we can only marvel at her superhuman ability to stay in that thing.  Palicki appears to defy at least three basic laws of physics in her costume. Ah, the miracle of television…


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