Panache Love the Fit

Boob champions Panache are to run a nationwide fit campaign alongside their AW collections this year, encouraging and educating women to get the best fit for their figures.  Panache join a whole wave of brands investing in fit education, joining Freya’s ‘Bra Doctor’ and Bravissimo’s advice hotline in a quest to empower women to seek out better than the high street’s hopelessly inadequate +4 method can offer.

John Power, Panache’s MD and Chairman, once told me that “you could spend all your time and money making the perfect bra, but if the woman wears it in the wrong size you might as well not have bothered”.  I’m delighted that Panache’s passion for fit is being channelled in to a widespread and hopefully far reaching campaign.

Brand support is key to bringing down the shocking percentage of women wearing the wrong bra size.  By taking control of the way their products are fitted and by educating their consumers to recognise a good fit for themselves, brands have a real power to improve things for women whilst ensuring that their products are used and loved to their full potential.

And for the rest of us, this can only lead to an improvement in the availability of bras in sizes commonly pushed out by the plus four method.  The sooner women get fitted correctly, the sooner the tyranny of the 34B can be ended.

So Panache, we salute you.  And we’ll help by grabbing our unfitted girlfriends, sisters, mothers and others and helping them love their fit too.  Together we can change the world, two boobs at a time…

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