Doctor, Doctor…

In the thick of the Bra Wars, thousands of women used the Busts 4 Justice Facebook page to share and discuss appalling fitting experiences on the high street.  Marks & Spencer were (not undeservedly) the most heavily criticised, but they were by no means the only culprit.  It was very obvious that without a Bravissimo, a decent department store or a specialist boutique nearby, women all over the country – all over the world – were simply being failed on fit.

So hurrah (again) for Freya, who launch their Bra Doctor Facebook app tomorrow.  The Bra Doctor promises to solve all of your fitting problems, online and in confidence within 48 hours.  It’s all part of Freya’s mission to ‘banish bad bras and bad bra hell’, and while there’s still no substitute for a good professional fitting, it’s a useful tool when the real thing isn’t available.  You don’t even have to take your top off.  Unless you really want to…

Can’t wait to try it tomorrow: I wish she could prescribe me this cutey:

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