Kelly Brook disappointed with boobs, Busts 4 Justice disappointed with Kelly Brook.

Now she probably meant to say it in that consciously self-deprecating way British people do sometimes to endear themselves to others, but Kelly Brook’s declaration that her boobs are a “big disappointment” as they’re “not super perky because they’re big” is frustrating.  Having previously admired her for her celebration of a full and natural bosom, we suddenly find ourselves disappointed with Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook is paid pots of money to look gorgeous, and she does it very well.  Even those amongst us with the most positive body image would be forgiven for looking on and saying, ‘blimey, I wouldn’t mind those those eyes/legs/knockers/smile (delete as appropriate)’.  But what happens when someone struggling with their body image sees someone like Kelly Brook being ‘disappointed’ with their own body?  I suspect it doesn’t, as perhaps was Ms Brook’s intention, inspire feelings of ‘wow, she has insecurities, she’s just like me’.  I expect it simply compounds feelings of inadequacy: ‘if Kelly Brook’s boobs are a disappointment, what must mine be?’

And whilst Kelly may not have thought about any of this when she said it, the quote has since gained a significant amount of attention in tabloids and magazines. So now we’d like to extend Ms Brook a challenge…

How refreshing would it be for a woman like Kelly Brook to say “I love the way I am, just as I am”? Or even better, “I do have hang-ups about my body but I concede that that’s probably more to do with the demented culture we have about women and their bodies that it does my actual physical form…”  It’s not a solution, but it is a start.

Come on Kelly, stand up for your boobs.  And stand up for the rest of us.

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