Kim Kardashian posts ugly pictures. THE HORROR.

Kim Kardashian posts ugly pictures of self

This is kind of an old story, but as it’s still kicking about in all of my RSS feeds it must still be doing the rounds – and therefore people must still be gobbling this up. The news? Reality megastar and, erm, other-things-too-I-assume Kim Kardashian has – shock horror – posted ugly pictures of herself on to her blog. Oh the inhumanity. Brace yourselves, this is NOT going to be pretty.

It’s horrible, isn’t it? I mean truly – HOW am I supposed to go about my evening now those DEPRAVED pictures have crossed before my retinas? WHY would anyone release these monstrosities in to a world with children in?


If that’s ugly, there is no word in this world strong enough to describe me after ET dies.

Don’t get me wrong, I know millions of beautiful women out there genuinely believe they are plain, or suffer moments of insecurity about the way they look – who feel pressured to change who they are to fit in with what they feel they should be. Hell, I know hundreds of them. It can be annoying and frustrating to listen to, but we all understand that insecurity. We all understand what it’s like to live in a world with such pressure to look a certain way, and where ‘hotness’ is so often celebrated above than intelligence, talent, or kindness.

But Kim Kardashian (or Kelly Brook, as I wrote a while ago) are different, because their physical beauty is validated by fame and masses of cash. They are paid for being beautiful, and accordingly become part of the machine that upholds a certain beauty as the ideal. I’m not saying they can’t think they’re having an off day, but COME ON!  Has she confused the definition of ‘ugly’ with ‘face expression emotions other than doe-eyed sexy pout’? Because I pull that particular face almost every time I log in to Twitter. Or indeed, read a Kardashian blog…

This is not KK bashing post – I literally don’t know enough about the woman to have a fully formed opinion (although- sure – ideally role models to young girls would not have found fame and fortune through leaked sex tapes and Paris Hilton’s socialite mentoring scheme) – but this sort of thing drives me bananas. Why can’t Kim Kardashian be honest, and say “check me out – I’m technically hotter wailing like a banshee than you were on your wedding day: thanks gene pool lottery, privileged upbringing, and army of stylists…”

I’d even settle for “Man, I think I’m ugly when I cry. This insane pressure on women to be flawless at all times sure is skewing my perception of reality.”

Sigh. Sometimes I think if I stayed on celebrity blogs enough my brains would actually leak out of my ears. I really need my new bras for review to arrive…

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7 Responses to Kim Kardashian posts ugly pictures. THE HORROR.

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  4. I do wonder how ugly she thinks she is. I think it’s very unlikely that she never has negative thoughts about her appearance. It takes good self-esteem to be happy with your appearance, not a good body. Your two preferences require an awareness of the intense, destructive pressure that women (and men, in their ways) experience. Many, many women don’t have much of an awareness. I don’t know anything at all about Kim Kardashian, being supremely uninterested in celebrities, but is there anything out there that suggests she does have that awareness?

    I don’t mean to be critical of your opinion; I can see where you’re coming from because she clearly is attractive and makes money from that. I guess I am enough used to being attractive and feeling disgusting that I wonder if maybe she does sometimes too.

    • I think you’d have to be amazingly unaware to be earning $millions for the way you look and then – when those moments of self doubt do creep up on you (I’m sure it does – the pressure to stay that ‘hot’ must be tough) – don’t think it’s odd or symptomatic of something bigger if even you feel that way. Or maybe I’m too optimistic 🙂

      I think a big thing here though, is that I’m sure those pictures aren’t even ‘ugly’ for Kardashian. I’m sure when she properly cries, or when she has flu, or wakes up hungover having fallen asleep with her makeup on, she looks rougher than she does there. I really object to the ‘look at how ugly I am (not)’ thing. It is insincere, maybe obviously so – but that’s no less problematic for other, less conventionally *I’m rolling my eyes at this* perfect looking women when they’re feeling low about themselves. The whole thing stinks.

      • I suppose I’m being too compassionate in thinking of Kim as though she were one of my youth group girls who post photos of themselves on Facebook and then complain about how ugly they are. I can always feel sorry for those girls because I know that they actually think they’re ugly and are trying to get people to reassure them that they’re not. I suppose Kim Kardashian probably has enough of a support network that she doesn’t need to do the same thing on her blog.

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