Coppa Feel!

Everyone needs to check out the frankly brilliant and inspiring CoppaFeel.  Kris was 23 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and now campaigns to raise awareness about the disease in young women.  With CoppaFeel she teaches us how to self-examine, and encourages us to get to know our own boobs as much as possible so that we can recognise quickly if something’s not right.  It’s a desperately important message presented in a simple and funny way that makes it impossible to resist warming up your hands and getting to grips with yourself immediately.  In fact, I’m off to get to know mine a bit better myself.  Although I probably will do it in the shower rather than the bus stop as suggested here; my boobs get me in enough trouble as it is…

Mish Online are giving you the opportunity to support CoppaFeel and get your hands on some fantastic lingerie while you’re at it. For the chance to win a Freya Sports bra, go here; or to grab either a Freya or Fantasie lingerie set go here. Or, do both.  It’s for a good cause!

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