International No Diet Day

While we were all casting our votes and wondering who would be our next Prime Minister, we completely missed the fact that May 6th was also “International No Diet Day”.  Not to be mistaken for an “International Eat All The Cakes Day” in disguise, INDD is a celebration of diverse body shapes and a challenge to all things that ‘contribute to body hatred, weight preoccupation and eating disorders’.  Which is such a brilliant and positive message that I’m disappointed it’s taken me eighteen years to hear about it.

So, here’s what I reckon.  When Busts 4 Justice started out, it very quickly became a place where thousands of women could celebrate their body shape and support one another.  INDD may have been lost to Westminster this year, but I definitely think in 2011 we could somehow channel the force of our collective busts and get it pushed it up the agenda.  What do you think?  Any suggestions, send them on an e-shaped postcard.

(Thanks very much to @balhampeople for introducing this to me by the way, and for sharing the video too.)

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