As if the bra fitting wasn’t bad enough… VICTORIA’S SECRET NOW STEALING BUMS

Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail

Not content with riddling generations of American women with horribly fitting bras, and waging an offensively bland campaign to convince us that sexy = smooth + orange; Victoria’s Secret continue their war against the human woman’s body with this latest nefarious outrage.

Now rendered entirely two dimensional, we may never know what happened to this poor woman’s buttocks. This disturbing image was posted to Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook page earlier today with no explanation as to what had become of the pair, although they are clearly visible in the accompanying ‘before’ shots. Tragically for the victim their whereabouts remains a mystery, whilst their abductor remains unchecked and at large.

Three-dimensional women, be vigilant. Now: does my bum look big in these geometric parameters?

(No doubt this will have been removed from their Facebook by tomorrow. I took these grabs, for poster(ior)ity…)

Victoria's Secret Photoshop Fail 2

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15 Responses to As if the bra fitting wasn’t bad enough… VICTORIA’S SECRET NOW STEALING BUMS

  1. curvy57 says:

    what will they do next, someone didnt check these pics before releasing them,. no wonder women think there is something wrong with their body shapes

  2. Laura says:

    That looks absolutely absurd. Maybe they stole her bum and put in on her chest, since apparently that’s what a ‘sexy’ bra makes your boobs look like…

  3. June says:

    Ouch! that poor butt! It looks like the got a picture of one leg, used a mirror reflection and pasted them together…

  4. TheCurvyPear says:

    It’s things like this that make women think any creases are BAD. Kind of like the underarm crease they constantly photoshop out of pics too. 😛

  5. It’s honestly disgusting, and degrading to women. How could they publish these photos and believe that this is a “normal” looking derriere? So many young girls look up to these models and are exposed to Victoria’s Secret as being the sexiest thing…
    Photoshop should be banned!!!!
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  6. denocte says:

    What’s really creepy:

    At first sight, I didn’t even notice….

  7. BBBB says:

    The more I look at it, the weirder it gets..

  8. Stacy says:

    That is a really really terrible photoshop job. What’s even better is that you can see how it does NOT fit like that if you look at it to the right!

  9. BBBB says:

    It’s gone now, with no explanation

  10. Just strange, really strange. Of course, Victoria’s Secret is pretty notorious for some of their horrible photoshop jobs (like removing a model’s arm), so maybe this is tame by their standards!

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  12. Trish says:

    This picture is a screenshot of a swimsuit bottom fitting guide that appears on their website. It’s an interactive tool that lets you see how much coverage each style provides, as well as the different colours available. The photo was probably taken in a bottom that covered more of the models er, bottom, and so removing it and then photoshopping on the more revealing suit and filling in the leg colour removes some of the depth. There are a number of products on their site that you can click to see different colours on the model – all of them have a weird, slight lost dimension look.

  13. Lisa R says:

    The images reminded me of the new “trend” for young girls to measure their “thigh gap”. I had never heard of the “trend” until recently, but promoting it in any way is grotesque. We are sending young girls so many mixed messages- we being the media and in this case, VS. That gap between her thighs is disturbing and more so when you consider young girls use is as a measure of beauty.

    • I actually just wrote about the ‘thigh gap’ today:

      While I don’t think there’s anything new about the trend (I remember it from being a teenager well over a decade ago), it is certainly alarming. It’s one thing using thin models, but quite another airbrushing them in to anatomically impossible shapes – it only builds on the pressure girls are already under. Enough is enough.

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