Modelled by Role Models

Panache Lingerie Modelled by Role Models

“I like to think there’s so much more to me than just the way I look – Marquita Pring.

There is a lot of nonsense in marketing. I should know: it’s my job. And as I’ve often written (i.e here), I am frequently infuriated by heartstring-tugging commercials espousing “empowering” “real beauty” messages whilst simultaneously hawking products (underarm beautifying deodorant anyone?) that perpetuate our feelings of inadequacy.

I’m pretty cynical about this kind of advertising, but this month Panache Lingerie have punched through my skepticism with the very amazing “Modelled by Role Models” campaign. This new campaign doesn’t just celebrate a diverse range of beauty (age, ethnicity, disability), but it showcases the women inside the pants. And what women they are:

Amy Hughes: sports therapist and world record breaking marathon runner

Martyna Kaczmarek: 19 year old campaigner for blood, marrow and organ donations

Mica Paris: soul legend and prolific charity ambassador and equality campaigner

Rachel Elliott: A&E nurse who volunteered in the Sierra Leone ebola outbreak

Hannah Cockroft MBE: world record breaking paralympian

Marquita Pring: model, body confidence mentor

The campaign is as much about celebrating these (and your personal) role models as it is the (lovely) lingerie on them. I doubt Panache has either the gimmicks or the media budget to make this the same sort of ubiquitous, award winning success other brands playing in this (*ahem*) real beauty space will – but it’s a brilliant campaign with real integrity. And that’s not something you see every day.


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2 Responses to Modelled by Role Models

  1. Alison says:

    I love this! I work at Bravissimo and noticed these on our shop floor in the last week or so. We have little tags hanging at the end of our panache bra’s spots in the shop with the person modelling each bra along with their bio.

  2. It’s great to see, not just real people, but real role models posing in lingerie. Fabulous post!

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