Be your own lingerie designer: introducing Impish Lee

impish lee

I love a good Kickstarter at the best of times, but Impish Lee doesn’t sound so much like an exciting new business venture as it does something plucked out of my wildest dreams and made real.

Impish Lee want to create the world’s first completely customisable lingerie range. From size to style to fabric to colour to trim: you decide what you want and this Brooklyn-based sister dream team will ensure it’s made for you (ethically, in America). You see? I am expecting to see a unicorn any day now.

They call this impossible sounding feat “mass customisation” – the logic being that the current mass production process is expensive and generates an awful lot of waste that can be cut out with a smart but bespoke service. You can read their post about it here.

Oh, and they also plan to use resale of returns to raise money for poverty fighting charity the “Robin Hood Foundation“.

Unfortunately for me they’re launching with cup sizes only up to US DD but the lovely Noelle assured me that they “absolutely will be expanding our bra sizes (eventually to include nearly all!!) and should most likely have those cup sizes (but their US equivalent) by the end of this year, if not sooner! Depending on how well we do in our first month open, we will move right into larger sizes.” Seriously. This is like the bra equivalent of the moon on a stick made of strawberry laces.

The good news? It’s already been funded. The better news? You’ve still got a few hours to nip in and be a backer anyway – meaning you’ll be amongst the first to receive frillies from Impish Lee. They have a bold, daring and incredibly challenging task ahead of them – and I cannot wait to see what these girls do now.

Photo by Impish Lee (thank you!!).

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