When in Rome: Bestform reviewed


So I have been travelling and working a lot, and with my brain super busy with all that it’s made some inexplicable decisions in other aspects of my life. I’ll abandon getting dressed half way through to write one e-mail, only to come round an hour later shivering and powering through my list of things to do. I have made some questionable style choices, not least cutting my own bangs (when will I learn, seriously?). And, when asked to review a bra for Bestform I chose a style not available in my size… from a brand who makes my size.

I have started running again for my sanity, so I am coming back in to the light…

But that still leaves me with a 32FF bra to review. Bestform are a 91 year old lingerie company, and while they definitely do a stalwart line in – let’s say – conservative basics, of late they’ve been pushing their brand forward with brighter colours and prettier patterns. They cater for a range of sizes from a 30 back and up to a J cup.

Which again, doesn’t really explain why, 30G and a fan of bright things, I requested a black 32FF Rome

Everything about Rome is classic. It’s decent quality, the full balconette offers good coverage and the wires perfectly encased my boobs. The “B” pendant on the centre gore may be a little much if your name isn’t, say, Beckie and you don’t write a blog called Busts 4 Justice, but no one’s named a bra after me yet so I’ll take what I can get.

The only problem is – just as with any bigger banded bra – is simple physics. With big boobs, it really doesn’t matter how well the cup fits if the band doesn’t anchor them to your body strongly enough; if your breasts are heavy their weight will pull the perfectly fitted cups away from your ribcage and you end up a jiggling mess. I – and many other women – need a tight band to keep everything in place. This is why the traditional +4 method fails so many fuller breasted women: heavier breasts simply need a stronger counterweight to keep them up. See, physics.

I won’t labour my struggles with this bra – especially as I’ve reviewed Bestform in my correct size before and found it to be a great fit. Ultimately in cup fit, quality, style – this bra is a decent basic. They just don’t happen to make it in my back size.

I’m not having a great streak in 2014. Need topick up some sizzlers to ride the year out with a bang…

Thanks to the kind people at Bestform for letting me try this bra: I can only apologise for my ordering insanity!

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2 Responses to When in Rome: Bestform reviewed

  1. At the moment Bestform aren’t producing any of the larger Cup in the UK OR THE 30 BACKS. So sadly they are on hold, they only do the French sizes Which are of no use to my company because its the majority or A,B, C,D DD maybe an E,F. IF THEY HAVE ANY LEFT Due to the Majority that are measured and fitted correctly are more in line with the 32 34 E,F,FF,G. CUPS and bigger My company won’t and never will go up and down unless we have proven with our own measuring of the customer with an inches tape measure and not a centimetre which again automatically add the 4 ins, If we find the band is snugger or larger than ticket states as happens often in mass markerting,….. we see what best fits them with our personal hands on fitting service, only if they choose to be fitted in this way which many do I might add because it takes all the worry and frustration out of trying things and trying to adjust on themselves we do all that for them. Never add on to sell a bra either The customer makes the final decison of what fits comfortable and style and price for themselves we only advice not dictate ” that s their size ” by telling them things that are not true.
    Bands sizes in a extra 4 to 5 ins and which takes off at least 5 cup sizes depending on the style is a balconnet or full cup in Bestform ranges and leads back to the hunching of shoulde’s to hold up straps, leaning forward to hid all the problems that occur with a badly fitted bra, drops the breast too the straps falling down, the back riding up, also can pull forward and leave more body curves at the side and the back due to too big a band smaller cup, correct banding and cups take all this away when you are wearing the correct band and cup makes posure and back pain a thing of the past .
    So all you’s ladies out there who think it ok because of what you have been told to go up a band and down one cup are being sold a bra, not correctly fittied into a bra as it can mean as much as three cups sizes being lost and again depends on the cups style design of the bra.
    which in turn takes you up two dress sizes and make you feel and look bigger breasted and bigger all around than you really are. So don’t be encourage to buy a pretty bra on the hanger,or model if it doesn’t fit you,ticks all your boxes then it is not worth losing all you have gained in getting mearured and fitted correctly for your comfort and style, design. or money in a bra that will never fit, even by losing weight, doing excersise, they are all well and good, the more body weight lost around the torso and a smaller band acheivement you need to go up cups because the breast tissue is not lost only the fullness again which is caused by hormone deplesion not fat burn in the breast. I hasten to add they will not be any bigger in looks just supported, fitting and looking good so don’t be detered to do anything that makes you feel and look good all over.
    .Its what we all want to be happy with our size, our shape, choice of clothes that make you look and feel amazing.
    Remember measuring is only a guide, its not written in stone that you are what you measure, its about you deciding what feels looks good for you as and individual.

  2. fantastic product, these look really nice, thanks for the post±

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