Excuses, excuses.

Photo on 2014-08-12 at 18.23 #2

It has been way too long, dear readers. I have lingerie unreviewed, I have nearly one hundred help requests unanswered, and enough e-mails to last me a lifetime.

Not to sound too much like another Buzzfeed list, but what only people who travel a lot for work know is that it is damned hard. Don’t get me wrong, there are perks – and if you’re like me you love your job – but working away from home is as much of a jolly as trying to get your G-cup boobs fitted at Victoria’s Secret. Jetlag becomes such a permanent state that measured time becomes abstract to you. You work every waking second of the day because the day to day stuff doesn’t stop. You eat terribly (helllooo, minibar Pringles for lunch). You re-wear clothes way more than strictly socially acceptable. You don’t have time to do the things you like, like to run, or ring your husband, or write your blog.

You also are so tired when you get home that you are prone to doing stupid things… like tripping over your own suitcase, smacking your head against a brick wall, and giving yourself concussion so you can’t actually look at a screen for a fortnight – only to recover just in time to get on another damn plane… It’s been a hell of a summer.

Anyway, apologies for the tardiness, thanks for the patience, apologies if I owe you a reply… and hello. How have you been? I missed you.

Back soon.

Love, B4J x


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