Free The Nipple!

Free The Nipple

It’s time to #FreeTheNipple! Or rather, it’s probably time we stopped freaking out so much about something every single mammal in the world has when it appears on a certain 50+% of the human population.

In a culture that loses its head pretty much every time a female celebrity “daringly” (*ahem*) shows a bra strap, the team behind the TaTa Top definitely has its work cut out for it – but I love the intention. The $28 bikini (currently available in three skin tones) makes you look topless at first glance – but as your real nipples are hidden underneath the cartoon ones it’s technically not breaking any indecency laws. It takes a friendly poke at anyone who’s ever flagged a breastfeeding Facebook post, tutted at a topless sunbather, or lost it over a nip-slip. It seeks to highlight the absurd difference between of male vs female nipple freedom, while normalising the sight of bare boobs. It’s provocative, it’s interesting and – most importantly – it’s funny. I love it.

Best of all $5 of every sale goes to one of their supported charities. Get your TaTa Top here.


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