I’ve got Fever: Freya’s classic bikini reviewed

Freya Fever BikiniI’ve recommended Freya’s staple swim range Fever countless times. Simple, understated, and stylish, it’s an easy basic for girls who shy away from patterns, or who want a one-piece with a bit of extra p-pow. That said – always distracted by patterns – I’ve never actually tried her myself.

I’m glad to say I haven’t been recommending a turkey. I’m a big fan of Freya Swim – I haven’t found a swimwear brand that fits or suits me so well, and their ever-expanding ranges have a huge variety of sizes and styles for all tastes. The Fever sweetheart/balconette bikini is no exception. She’s nice and firm in the back (something you want if like me you’re not a sit-down-and-sunbathe-for-eight-hours-solid kind of a girl). She is ever so slightly big at the tip of the cup, but with fully adjustable straps this is easily resolved without any telltale puckering. She’s also very slightly padded, which is a nice extra layer of modesty/structural integrity for the nervous. Fit wise, she’s great.

And I love that Fever is more special than your average black swimwear. The subtle black stitching and retro style fold and button detail makes it more pool-bar special than your average sports combo, but without being too ostentatious for girls who like to be understated. Constantly reinvented in new colourways, Fever is already a classic and a great staple for any sunshine holiday wardroble.

The Freya Fever sweetheart bikini is available in sizes 30-36 D-GG and 38 D-G… however, Fever runs up to a JJ cup in the plunge style for those with more up top.

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3 Responses to I’ve got Fever: Freya’s classic bikini reviewed

  1. Does it give cleavage? I own the Venetian balconette and the Cabaret plunge and neither give cleavage to my 32GGs. It is rather distressing.

  2. I looks like it might on BIHAL (but her shape gets cleavage more easily than some other shapes).

    http://brasihate.blogspot.com/2013/05/mass-review-of-gg-cup-bras.html (it’s near the bottom)

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