“The Sexy Lie”

I wanted to share this provocative TEDxYouth talk by Caroline Heldmen for a little bit of Sunday smarts. It’s an interesting data led discourse on “objectification culture”, especially self-objectification, and its ability to limit the potential of girls and women.

It’s not perfect and it’s quite radical – she’s speaking to a young, impressionable audience quite likely still in the miserable teenage vacuum of self-esteem (those were the days) – but as she removes her makeup on stage she let’s them know that they don’t have to worry about matching up to an impossible ideal, and challenges them to think about how to make a better world. I think for young women today it’s an inspiring message. I know I wish it hadn’t taken until my late twenties to truly understand that I’d been trying to win at a game that was always rigged against me.

What do you think?

If you’re keen for more, check out model Cameron Russell’s funny and honest talk on how “Looks aren’t everything”. Genuinely inspiring on privilege and beauty. Enjoy.

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