The eye of the beholder: Curvy Kate’s Daily Boost reviewed

Curvy Kate Daily Boost Bra Reviewed

In an ideal world, we would all judge each other on the merits of our character and actions rather than the arbitrary outcomes of the great genetic tombola that makes up our outsides. That said when it comes to lingerie, increasingly I need more than a good fit and compatibility. It’s not enough to just be a good bra. I need it to be beautiful-on-the-outside too.

Curvy Kate’s Daily Boost is a much loved bra by many other boob bloggers, and blindfolded it’s not hard to understand why. Slightly moulded, it is soft and supportive, everyday-ishly comfortable, and gives a great silhouette with a firm, uplifted support. I accidentally ordered a 30GG, which proved to be the perfect size for me – I would have had an uncomfortable four-boob situation had I received my usual review/starter size of 30G. So be prepared to size up in the cups to find your perfect fit.

Alas, fickle reviewer that I am, as perfectly as Curvy Kate’s Daily Boost fits me, I can’t get over how unattractive she is, both on and off. I’ve wrestled with my reasoning on this long and hard, but however comfortable and well-suited she is to me I can’t see beyond the way she looks. It’s a fairly irrational response to what is a fairly plain and inoffensive bra. She’s basic, sure – but not repellent. There are no perverse/tacky/itchy details. There are no t-shirt spoiling seams or oddly shaped wires. It does not make me look like an old lady, or a quarter way through the mummification process.

But when it comes down to it the Daily Boost simply, unshakeably, reminds me of my first bras. Those bras, which fit badly (thanks M&S!) and only came in boxes. That were shiny and unsexy and made me feel freakish and huge. That were my only option, because on the high street in 1997 there really weren’t options over a D cup. Daily Boost may be four million times better than those first bras, but just looking at her reminds me of the bad old days. Which is unfair to you, dear reader, because it skews my judgement when it comes to writing this. Objectively, the Daily Boost is a perfectly fine bra. She’s just – in this incarnation at least – not for me. Not anymore.

Daily Boost is widely available in sizes 28-40 D-K.

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