New campaign demands end to Page 3

A new campaign has kicked off to petition Dominic Mohan, editor of the Sun, to drop Page 3 from its papers. The group ‘No More Page 3’ was inspired earlier this year, when Lucy Holmes grabbed an issue of The Sun and found that in an issue full of stories of female Olympic triumph the biggest female image was “a massive picture of a girl in her pants.” They say:

We are asking Dominic Mohan to drop the bare boobs from The Sun newspaper. We are asking very nicely.

Please, Dominic.

No More Page 3.

George Alagiah doesn’t say, ‘And now let’s look at Courtney, 21, from Warrington’s bare breasts,’ in the middle of the 6 O’ Clock News, does he, Dominic?

Philip and Holly don’t flash up pictures of Danni, 19, from Plymouth, in just her pants and a necklace, on This Morning, do they, Dominic?

No, they don’t.

There would be an outcry.

And you shouldn’t show the naked breasts of young women in your widely read ‘family’ newspaper either.

Consider this a long overdue outcry.

Dominic, stop showing topless pictures of young women in Britain’s most widely read newspaper, stop conditioning your readers to view women as sex objects.

Enough is enough.

Thank you.

Can they do it? At last count they had nearly 7,000 supporters and a steep target of 100,000. There’s a lot of work to be done… but isn’t it time? Time we said good bye to this anachronistic throw-back? Time women – often teenage girls – weren’t casually objectified over the breakfast table? Or do you disagree, and is Page 3 nothing more than a bit of harmless fun?

Sign the petition here, or visit their Facebook page for 10 ways to help the campaign.

Good luck guys – we’ll get there x

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2 Responses to New campaign demands end to Page 3

  1. curvy57 says:

    what annoys me is when papers and magazines go on about celebs and all the women are saying what they think these women’s sizes are as the famous 32 DD NO WONDER WOMEN HAVEN’T GOT A REAL CLUE ABOUT WHAT an A, B C CUPS ARE when they are told these small bodied women are average back sizes and basic busts when to an eagle eye like myself know that most of them are 28 to 30 back and FF,G GG CUPS and maybe bigger depending on theie actual cup size no wonder women are still being fitted in thew rong bras because stores don;t know how to use an inches tape measrement to detemine back sixe to get the cup right in evety brand they sell and not label women a certain size as we all know no one really knows what dress size they are because companys don’t stick to regimental sizing like we used to have .Helen

  2. curvy57 says:

    sorry about the spelling mistakes shouldn’t type in the dark lol

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