I don’t know why I love you, but I do: Figleaves Boudoir Black Tie reviewed.


Sometimes, the rules of attraction don’t apply.

Things I hate about Figleaves Boudoir’s Black Tie:

-The cup runs small, so it can’t fit me perfectly.
-Because it doesn’t fit me perfectly, it looks a bit odd under clothes.
-Because it doesn’t fit me perfectly, my boobs don’t stay in place.
-Because it doesn’t fit me perfectly, it becomes uncomfortable after a couple of hours.
-It doesn’t fit me perfectly.

Why I still love it:

-It is very sexy. (As usual) Figleaves’ picture doesn’t do it justice. It is HOT.
-The style doesn’t immediately become a high-front boulder holder after an E-cup.
-When I say sexy, I mean like, extremely sexy.
-On, it gives a wide, deep cleavage that is rarely seen above a C cup, but is actually stupendous on larger boob. Seriously: why doesn’t this happen more often? It is joy.
-I mean, the extreme sexiness may be, as Mr B4J declared, “‘kinda 80s”. But what’s wrong with that? Loads of things about the 80s were sexy. Probably. I can’t really remember. I was 7.
-The pants are huge and fantastic. Look at the bow! And the see-through! And the cut! Why can’t all pants be this huge and this invisible under clothes?
-I don’t care what Mr B4J says. This baby is so sexy I want to tear it off myself.


Like a all-consuming holiday romance this bra and my love for it may defy logic – but sometimes it’s fine to let go and let your heart do the talking. If you’re looking for something to warm up these miserable ‘summer’ nights, it’s well worth a try – though perhaps size up a cup size if it’s possible. Sexy is sexy, but well-fitting is perfection.

Black Tie is available from Figleaves Boudoir in sizes 30D-38G.


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17 Responses to I don’t know why I love you, but I do: Figleaves Boudoir Black Tie reviewed.

  1. Ana says:

    Why, oh why don’t they do 28s??? I want it 😦
    More sexy lace bras for busty ladies!

  2. Ana says:

    I got that from the post :P, the thing is I am a 26 back, I can make do with a 28 but a 30 is way too big, and the body doesn’t seem like something easy to adjust 😦

  3. TheCurvyPear says:

    I want it in a HH! 😦

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  5. Triactol says:

    Ha! Best. Review. Ever. I know that feeling well! Our love for a specific item of lingerie will always defy logic as no bra is perfect, but in the words of Mr Knightly, maybe it’s our imperfections that make us so well suited to one another (us and our bras of course).

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