Loving Lauren: Freya’s modern classic reviewed

Freya Jolie

Post Joliegate (Freya are not continuing my favourite, rainbow bright Jolie (above) bras. Sob), I’ve been looking for a bra that could tick all her boxes. Perfectly colourful, perfectly comfortable, perfectly fitted, and perfect for everyday – this is no easy task. Sure, I love a lot of bras. But Jolie was my BFF. And now she’s leaving me.

Freya’s own spokesperson suggested I tried Gem (below). And I will try Gem. But Gem is not out until September, and my Jolies are running out of time. I need to diversify, and diversify fast. (For now – don’t think I wont find the time and room for those rather awesome high waisted briefs…)

Gem China Blue Bra by Freya Lingerie

And so it is that I find myself alone with Lauren, in the balcony style. Simple, elegant and modern, Lauren is a super-soft classic without pad, fuss or frill – only a neat satin bow and a subtle hint of pin stripe. I tried her on in both white and purple. And, actually, I love her.

Lauren is like Jolie in many respects – comfortable, pretty (she’s less plain on and in the flesh than she is in the picture below), and that perfect mix of everyday and style. The band is respectfully firm and fits similarly to the Jolie in size – although the cup itself is fuller and higher, and it gives a fuller shape. My only niggle is a minor one – the straps run too long for me. But it’s had more than a few outings before writing this, and I’m happy to say that doesn’t cause any noticeable woe.

It’s also worth noting that there is decent nipple coverage in the white. I love a cheeky hint of what’s beneath as much as the next girl, but it’s amazing how hard a feature modesty seems to be in what really is a ‘utility’ colour…

In many respects, Lauren is the perfect white bra I’ve been looking for… but I preferred and kept it in purple. “Why?” you scream. “You’re so close!” But she is plain – even if she is prettily so. I need to colour to make this a perfect match for me. Sadly, Lauren seems to have suffered the same fate as Jolie and seems to be only available in black and white. The purple – or any other colour option – will not be around for much longer. Which is a real pity: because I think a lemon yellow or pistachio Lauren would rock my world.

Freya Lauren is widely available in black and white, and comes in sizes 28D-H, 30D-J, and 32-38 C-J.

Freya Lingerie Lauren Balcony Bra

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5 Responses to Loving Lauren: Freya’s modern classic reviewed

  1. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but the Freya Gem half-cup bra stops at an F cup. Freya Gem will come in a balcony version too, though not nearly as cute. Bummer.

  2. Claire Cook says:

    The woe we suffer when we find that our overall favourite, stylish but modest, comfy, all occasions bra has been discontinued. It happens often and yet we are always shocked and end up panicking when it does. The Freya Lauren sounds like a great find though. I feel I should go on a good bra hunt to find my next replacement soon as I feel/worry that my favourites will be discontinued soon.

  3. Therese says:

    I tried out Lauren after reading your review and I found it quite pretty in a plain way and would definitely have bought it were it a fit . I’m normally a 32FF. I tried in 32f, 32ff, 32g, 30g, 30gg and none of them fitted. When I asked the fitter if she thought if was just the wrong model for me, she said that they often had great trouble fitting customers in it. I gave up. I don’t seem to have any luck with freya.

    • How strange – but then, I experience exactly the same thing with Curvy Kate bras: there’s something about them that is never quite right on me. A real shame for both of us 😦 x

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