Krista Cousins wins first US Star in a Bra!

Krista Cousins wins Curvy Kate USA Star in a Bra

Congratulations to the super-cute Krista Cousins for winning Curvy Kate’s very first US Star in a Bra contest, hotly followed by runners up and blogging superstars Cristyen Fowler and Brittany Jencks, who came in second and third respectively.

Krista entered this competition “to prove to the world that women are beautiful in all colors, all shapes, and all sizes” – and quickly established herself as a curve champion with a home-made pro-body diversity promotion video (complete with winning smile and cape) called “Vote Krista and You’ll Know It”.

Of course, no Star in a Bra contest would be complete without a dramatic makeover: Krista entered as a 34/36F and was crowned as a 30GG: striking a victory against bad bra fitting in the States. As Curvy Kate ambassador, let’s hope Krista is an inspiration to many to shrug off their uncomfortable boulder-holders and discover just how empowering and uplifting a perfect fit can be.

Congratulations to all of the finalists, and to Krista: enjoy your year as queen!

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2 Responses to Krista Cousins wins first US Star in a Bra!

  1. curvy57 says:

    Hi Have you joined linkin yet I am having a big debate at the moment as a designer on there says the adverage is a 36C PLEASE JOIN AND SUPPORT ME ,
    HELEN WHEELER Dumfries help !

  2. Thank you so much, i want to make you proud!

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