Flashback to the fifties: Bestform Lingerie reviewed

Bestform White Lingerie

I am not one of those girls who believes everyone needs a white bra in their lingerie cupboard. Quite the opposite: I am rather biased against the damn things – a prejudice born from my teenage years of only having white bras (from boxes, so shameful were my *enormous* mid-pubescent breasts to the Marks & Spencer shop floor) to choose from at all.

Fifteen years of D+ boobs later, I can now see there is something rather intriguing about pristine and pretty white lingerie. And admit, that now I’m not hiding my titchy teenage body underneath giant hoodies and mens’ shirts, that sometimes a white bra can come in handy under certain fabrics too.

But what to choose? I know Freya’s Jolie still comes in white, but I’m not ready to forgive the style for killing all my favourite colours. I’m on a mission to find the perfect white bra for my collection.

Formerly Vanity Fair Lingerie, Bestform have been making lingerie since the early 50s. The style today still reflects this – this white bra is classic ‘vintage 50s’ – not in the pin-up pointy fashion, but in a classic, everyday way. Think Betty Draper in casual mode: heaps of fine lace detailing in a functional shape and style.

I tried my more-often-than-not size 30G, and the fit was perfect and extremely comfortable – and firm. It’s worth noting that the shoulder straps come up shorter than other brands, so it’s well worth investigating if you struggle with that. It also has very discreet inner slings, so if you need padding in either or both cups it’s a great option.

The style isn’t quite mine, so my quest continues. But with such a great fit, this is a cracking little bra, and I’m very glad to have discovered it.

What’s your favourite white bra?

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14 Responses to Flashback to the fifties: Bestform Lingerie reviewed

  1. I tried on a couple of white bras today. I was trying to feel the vibe, but I couldn’t. I just think they look frumpy most of the time. Even the bra you reviewed looks a bit frumpy to me. I’ve managed to go many years without owning a single white bra so far, so I think I’ll continue!

    • Oh no, is IS quite frumpy! Some girls can rock the twee look but it makes me look horrific: I couldn’t deny the fit though! Mr B4J love white so I’m determined to persevere. I can’t help thinking this journey will end in Agent Provocateur, with his credit card, and some white frilly nonsense that never leaves the house πŸ™‚

  2. Cheryl says:

    Freya Jolie in white πŸ˜‰ No, really! xx

  3. investiychest says:

    The Freya Jolie in white ;P No, really! xx

  4. Karen says:

    I think it depends on the style. We have the white Lauren by Freya at my store and I think it’s SO cute, and the Chantelle C Chic Sexy demi is what I like to call “innocent but sexy”. I find that smooth all-white styles give me flashbacks to my days of wearing nothing but white Playtex bras, so I steer clear of those. However, I can’t tell you how many times a day I hear, “Do you have this in white?” from older ladies. There is still a market for plain white bras!

    As for my personal taste, I prefer ivory – I have the Panache Andorra in ivory and I LOVE it. πŸ™‚

  5. Linda Be says:

    Only white bra I have the Freya Jolie, which never fitted quite right and somehow frayed even though I hardly wore it.
    I am struggling finding white or even nude bras that I really like, only exceptions in white and nude http://www.comexim.pl/img/p/46-103-thickbox.jpg and http://www.comexim.pl/plunge/216-giselle-biustonosz.html

  6. bybabysrules says:

    I second the Andorra. It’s definitely not the normal panache shape. For something that covers a lot my husband finds it pretty attractive. I have a love/hate relationship with the Freya Lauren. I love the ribbed fabric, ate the stretchy band.

  7. Yeah, the Bestform calculator is one of “those”… tells me I’m a 40DD. HA!

  8. The Freya Faye is nice and fits well under knits, but the Panache Andorra is quickly climbing my list. I imagine the Curvy Kate bras like the Emily or Princess would be cute in white too though.

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  10. Englandia says:

    The photo of the white bra you have in this post…what brand is this?

  11. Englandia says:

    Ignore me! I found this bestform: http://bestform.com/fit.html which didn’t seem right. πŸ˜‰ But then I found it. I love the bra set you posted. If you happen to own it, can you tell me about the fit? I have been between a 30F and 30FF…and I read on the brastop reviews one woman saying the band wa was a bit tight but the cups large and another one saying she had so size up all around…confusion:)

    you are in a 30G…do you usually wear a 30FF? The FF is not available….so I am thinking maybe to order the 30G and give it a try:)

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