Tangle thwarts bra chain world record attempt

Tangled up brasThe world record attempt by the Bra Chain team came to an unfortunate and abrupt halt this Sunday when an insurmountable tangle of donated bras made hooking them within a time frame impossible.

Busts 4 Justice first featured the Bra Chain attempt back in February and were instant fans of the lovely Bra Chain team and their mission to make stacks of money and awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, the Worcester breast cancer unit, and domestic abuse charity Women’s Aid.

After a long and frustrating day the team were understandably disappointed by the outcome but remained positive, vowing to learn from this attempt and move forward. So the good news is, while the Bra Chain team regroup, we still have the opportunity to make the chain even longer. To find out how to donate your old or unwanted bras, help the attempt and raise money for charity, visit the Bra Chain website here.

Congratulations to the whole team for getting this far – it’s clearly only a matter of time before you bring that record to the UK. And for the rest of us, let’s all have another clear out for the cause. As if any of us needed an excuse to buy new lingerie…

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