UK attempt to smash bra chain record

Last July, Busts 4 Justice reported a brilliant attempt by New Zealand Girl Guides to create the world’s longest bra chain and raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities.

Whilst we love the NZ girls for trying, we’re happy to say a British lingerie firm has launched its own campaign to snatch the record from their grasps and bring the record to the UK.

2nd Skin Lingerie hope to collect 200,000 bras and create a chain over 100miles long, smashing the world record and raising money for Women’s Aid, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and the Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.

We have until 31 July 2011 to raid our lingerie drawers/stockrooms/warehouses to help break the record, or we can help raise funds by sponsoring a bra or collection box.  Check out the website to find out how to donate, and keep up to date with their efforts by following the #brachain tag on Twitter.

Good luck ladies!

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2 Responses to UK attempt to smash bra chain record

  1. Thank you so much for the mention, this really has become a national campaign for the UK now; my how from little acorns mighty oaks have grown!
    Bra Chain is a social enterprise, run by part-time unpaid volunteers from individuals to businesses alike.
    Our website has recently been created by another volunteer and is evolving with information about our campaign.
    Shortly we will be utilising the facilities kindly donated by APC Overnight of 127 depots across the UK.

    We are always looking for more people and businesses to get involved however little we welcome you. @kazthomas and @page_alex (on twitter)are just two Ambassadors covering East Anglia and Cardiff collecting bras from all their friends, colleague and business contacts to support the Guinness World Record attempt at Worcester racecourse on Sunday 31st July 2011

    Give us ya bras and be part of the UK’s world domination!

    Karen Tomalin
    @BigBraLady on twitter

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