‘ello ‘ello Elomi…

Elomi Lingerie Hermione and Sakura

I confess, I’ve not paid too much attention to Elomi before. It’s easy to focus on your own bra size to the exclusion of all others, and despite being Freya’s big sister I’ve managed to miss out on getting to know her at all.

But the other day Elomi retweeted my piece about the Turn Your Back on Page 3 campaign, and my head was turned. It’s one thing for a brand to retweet a review or a joke; but to retweet a provocative and political campaign? Whoever this Elomi was, she had balls. I wanted to know more.

When I asked what they thought about the Page 3 campaign, Elomi said “We’d like the media to have a positive attitude towards women – and recognise that beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes. We encourage women to be proud of themselves and their bodies and we believe every single woman can feel confident in who she is.”

Well said. And it’s an ethos that clearly lives and breathes through everything they do: a quick flick through their web page reveals a modest but beautifully chosen selection of elegant lingerie for the fuller figure (34-44 back, DD-JJ cup), with emphasis on style, comfort, and confidence. I think you can judge a lingerie line on its approach to basics, and the scalloped lace and ribbon detail on this grey Hermione (left) gives an assuredly comfortable look a grown-up sexy twist, whilst the pretty Sakura (right) is playful and feminine alternative to block colours (and is due to be re-released in a gorgeous blue in September). More importantly, their models look healthy, happy, and proud of their curves, and the wear test reviews I’ve read so far have been positively glowing.

They really are blazing a trail for fuller figured women. And while I may not be one myself at this moment in time, if my shape changes I know I could be proud to call myself an Elomi girl.


Find Elomi lingerie in Debenhams across the country, and online at Leia Lingerie, or use their store finder here.

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