Slinky Dip Bikini Reviewed

Slinky Dip Polka Dot Halter BikiniIt’s been a long wait but finally the Slinky Dip polka dot halter bikini – the bikini so eagerly anticipated it crashed the Miss Fit website when we wrote against it last month – has landed in Amsterdam. And with May proving even hotter than April, I didn’t need much persuading to strip off immediately and put the coveted Slinky Dip to the test.

First things first, it is as beautiful as it looks in the picture. The colour is rich, the fabric is soft, and it’s cut nicely – especially on the bottoms, which are incredibly flattering for skimpy knickers.

The halter has the most gorgeously long ties which trail right down my back – a detail I love in spite of the fact it probably means I’ll undo and embarrass myself whenever I sit down in it. The cups are quite generous, and were I to reorder I probably would size down. That said the wide cut gives exceptional coverage, totally dealing with the pesky side-boob danger-zone so often a problem with tie-halter swimwear. Without underwire and specific sizing it’s never going to be the number one choice for an active day at the beach, but – as comfortable as loungewear but stylish enough for the tiki bar – it is the perfect choice for a lazy day at the pool.

Best of all, it’s still available for just £24 at The Big Bra Bar, making it by far the best value piece of stylish swimwear we’ve ever seen. Well worth a Dip.

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