Elle Macpherson Intimates

I’d heard a rumour that the gorgeous Elle Macpherson Intimates D-G range came up small on the back, so whilst rummaging in Selfridges’ lingerie treasure trove I couldn’t resist seeing if a 32 could be persuaded to fit my 28/30 ribs.

Sadly, B4J must report that the small-back rumour was just that: the bras I tried – as much as I willed them to shrink around me – were true 32s.  Which is good for 32s, I know; but it’s such a shame that such an exciting – and beautiful – expansion in to DD+ bras manages to overlook so many of us (especially when it uses such tiny backed girls to model it…). Come on, The Body: how about petite backs for next season?

Elle Macpherson Intimates can be found at Selfridges, Figleaves, John Lewis, ASOS, House of Fraser, and many more. Enjoy, 32-38 backs…

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2 Responses to Elle Macpherson Intimates

  1. S says:

    Don’t worry about Elle’s line. I am a 30 and have 2 of her bras both in 32 since I couldn’t do up 30’s. The cup material is horrendously stiff which is to say it has absolutely no give. After I bought 1 of the bras I never wore it because the darn 32G was just completely a boob hammock = no support. (Realized after arriving home to retry it-a final sale item). The other bra worked well as a temporary but haven’t worn it since last Autumn. I’ve heard Kris Line makes really stiff backs but haven’t had opportunity to try em on, living in the USA.

    • That’s interesting: I’d heard the sizing came up small but the UK 32 was true and we don’t get 30s in the range at all. I wonder if the UK and US stock is made separately? But I’m in no hurry to rush to their defense: they’ve not even acknowledged an e-mail from me and from experience big bra manufacturers who don’t see the value in listening to their customers make terrible fitting bras! What are your favourite big cup/small back brands in the US? x

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