Celebrity Big Bra Auction (nb: bras not actually that big)

40 celebrities have designed bras for the Big Bra Auction, to raise money for Cancerkin and the Jewish Community Centre for London.

The bras range from the sublime (Nerida Fraiman, above) to the hilarious (Jo Brand, “This does not fit. Give it to Cheryl”, and start at £5.

Unfortunately the Big Bra Auction features only B-cups – but a brief and distant memory for the average B4J-er – so we wouldn’t actually be able to wear any of the bras on offer.  But it is for a good cause, so if anyone does have a spare few quid do still bid.  You could always fashion your prize in to a piece of modern art, or pair of novelty earmuffs, or some kind of fancy catapult…

Plus, Nerida Fraiman’s contribution may also be the most beautiful bra we have ever seen.  Perhaps one of our big boob champions could knock us up a repilica… Freya? Panache? Anyone??

To take part, visit the website here. The Big Bra Auction closes at 10am, Monday 28th February.

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