Sports Bras: Avenge Your Inner Teenager.

Well, I did it. The first run ever outside of the fiendishly restrictive elastic of my wasp coloured secondary school gym knickers.  I’ll skim over the details of my own performance (good start, shambolic middle, agonising finish) to move straight on to my conclusion: Freya Active deserve a Nobel Prize for physics.

Encased in a brilliant bright red 28G Freya Active bra, my boobs barely moved.  Which means that not only was I running for the first time ever without one arm crossed protectively over my chest, I was shaking off a long-held hangover of secondary-school-PE-induced body anxiety.

Once I’d outgrown C-cups, sport became so associated with wild jiggling and a sense that everyone was watching and laughing that I stopped exercising completely.  So as well as running (then staggering, then crawling…) along the Thames on Sunday, I also proved to my fifteen year old self that having big boobs doesn’t have to stop you doing anything you want to do. It wasn’t just the endorphins making me feel good.  I felt liberated.

So the tricky question: how can everybody find the same gravity-defying feat of engineering necessary to get moving?  The Freya Active worked perfectly for me, but some won’t like how boa constrictor tight it is around the ribs.  I suspect, as with regular bras, the perfect sports bra is as individual as the person shopping for it.  Freya, Triumph, Enell and Shock Absorber have all been popular on Busts 4 Justice, but which will be right for you is a case of trial and error.  This might sound like hell but I promise, it’s not impossible.  Take a sympathetic friend in to the changing room and push the boundaries of your friendship by jumping up and down in front of them in a colourful array of constricting Lycra.  Pump fitters for as much help as possible.  Experiment with sizes.  Read online reviews, talk to friends and listen for advice that sounds relevant to your shape and your goals.  Pack Haribo in your handbag for when your sugar levels drop, and reward yourself with cocktails at the end.  It’s difficult to get right, but it’s worth it.  I can’t wait to get back out there and make up for all that time lost hiding in the changing rooms. Just as soon as I can move my legs again, that is…

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  1. Freya Active says:

    Hi Busts4Justice, We’re thrilled to read about how your red Freya Active bra has proved to you that having big boobs doesn’t have to stop you doing anything you want to do and given you a newfound confidence for exercising! Freya Active bras are designed for maximum support and contain CoolMax technology to ensure maximum comfort. Look out for new additions to the Freya Active range coming soon at Freya Active x

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