If you’re stuck wondering what to do with that stockpile of malingering lingerie at the bottom of your bra draw, Breast Talk needs you.

Their Bra Appeal turns your unwanted bras in to cash for Breast Cancer Care by selling them by the kilo to textile companies. They’ve already raised well over £3000, and now Busts 4 Justice want to help them to raise more.

So raid your wardrobes for all of those no-longer fitting or no-longer wanted bras and pop them in the post to Breast Talk. It’s for a good cause, and much better for the environment than just throwing them away… Plus, it’s probably one of the best justifications for buying new underwear we’ve ever heard of.

For more information on how to donate, go to their site here:

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2 Responses to G-cycling

  1. gemdotcom says:

    I HAVE THAT BRA! The white one with the pattern it’s from M&S! And it doesn’t fit me anymore 😦 So I’ll send it in!

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