Strapless Wonder

Yet to find a strapless bra capable of supporting G-unit without mummifying the top half of my body, when the Busts 4 Justice group page started raving about Wonderbra’s Ultimate Strapless I had to check it out.

Wonderbra boast that the Ultimate Strapless passes the ‘stays up test’ for wearing, dancing and jumping, and that the ‘revolutionary new support feels like you’re holding yourself in place’.

They weren’t exaggerating.  The Ultimate Strapless is nothing short of a gravity defying miracle, and while I was disappointed to discover they don’t go up to a G-cup (unlike their other DD+ ranges), a 32F worked excellently as a compromise. The back and side straps sit low for maximum under-dress versatility, and the moulded deep-plunge sweetheart shape makes it more interesting to look at than your average utilitarian strapless number.  Incidentally, that same deep-plunge is responsible for giving you one of the most startling Jessica Rabbit-style mega-cleavages imaginable: I advise caution when wearing around people driving or operating heavy machinery.  Highly recommended.

Find out more here:

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