Check out the fits on that.

There is another version of this image with a more explicit reference to Busts 4 Justice in it (“that boob is in the past”, etc…), but since that’s helpfully vanished from the internet here’s another of M&S’s new fitting ads.  While the irony of a ‘perfect fit’ campaign being, erm, fronted by such an ill-fitted cleavage hasn’t escaped Busts 4 Justice, it is nice to know that they’re still thinking of us…

And though it’s good that M&S are encouraging us to get fitted regularly, beware: if the fitter trusses you up in the same way as the above picture, you won’t make it out of the changing room without a perilous and potentially eye-blackening amount of jiggle…

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2 Responses to Check out the fits on that.

  1. Becky says:

    Look at the space between the band and skin in between the cups! Dear God…

  2. Darlene says:

    Whew! At first I was worried you were using this as an example of good fit and that I was missing something.

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