Beyond Chocolate

“What it boils down to is this: if we spend our lives focussing on our body size, rejecting the body we have and wishing it were different, dreaming of the day when, slim and perfect, our life will finally start, then we spend our whole life waiting and we miss the chance to live our lives fully now.” Beyond Chocolate.

In the early days of Busts 4 Justice, one of the things that affected (and spurred me on) the most was the amount of women describing how insecure they felt about their bodies.  It seemed wrong that so many people resented bits of themselves just because they didn’t necessarily match with a stick-slim body type regularly promoted as ideal.  We should be celebrating our individually beautiful curves, not wishing them away (though arguably that was harder to do when even our bra retailers were telling us that our DD+ cups were somehow difficult and unusual… but that’s another story.)

So I was very pleased to hear from the lovely and inspiring Audrey from Beyond Chocolate last week.  Beyond Chocolate helps people stop dieting, stop hating their body, and take back control of their eating.  It’s not a diet, and it’s not a faceless multi-million nutrition megacorp either.  It’s two sisters who – based on their own experiences of dieting – decided to fight back. It’s a very positive message and, with online support and workshops available to back up the lessons in the book, I thoroughly recommend it for anyone sick of being told what they should eat and what they should look like….

Find out more about Beyond Chocolate here.

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