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Veet score massive own goal with lame ‘dudeness’ ads

Sometimes, I love the world. No sooner had depilation fundamentalists Veet launched a campaign¬†telling their target consumer that 24 hours worth of hair growth is equivalent to¬†growing a penis, were they forced to pull the campaign with an embarrassed apology … Continue reading

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You don’t have to put on the red light* (*you’re fair game anyway)

Although Busts 4 Justice is generally UK/US focussed (as are many of my readers – hello), for nearly two years B4J HQ has been located in Amsterdam. It’s beautiful, bonkers; I’ve met some amazing people, cycled for miles through impossible … Continue reading

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Under the Mistletoe: Feminism

It’s been brewing for a couple of years, but 2011 feels like the year feminism really stretched its legs, sharpened its claws, and stood up for women while it kicked modern misogyny in the short and danglies. Because beyond the … Continue reading

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Men Call Me Things: is not feeding the trolls enough?

General consensus dictates that the best way to combat trolling – the vile, faceless and purposefully provocative abuse that pollutes the internet – is to block and ignore. Reaction, upset and retaliation are the raison d’etre of these creatures (who … Continue reading

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TopMan invent Early Bastard Detection device

Slogan t-shirts never were the height of wit or sartorial style, but they have undoubtedly hit a new low with this ‘apology’ t-shirt from TopMan. It does defy belief that this t-shirt – a comprehensive list of common domestic violence … Continue reading

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