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“The Sexy Lie”

I wanted to share this provocative TEDxYouth talk by Caroline Heldmen for a little bit of Sunday smarts. It’s an interesting data led discourse on “objectification culture”, especially self-objectification, and its ability to limit the potential of girls and women. … Continue reading

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Don’t sweat it: the truth about “boob deodorant”

And the first odd beauty story of 2014 is… boob deodorant. Now, I’m no fan of ‘invented beauty issues’, and all of the media I’ve read around the subject focusses on this being another symptom of a culture that spends … Continue reading

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Banish “Fat Talk”, say hypocrites

Last year, ahead of the whole world’s apparent “LOSE WEIGHT IN 2014” New Year’s Resolution mayhem, Special K launched a campaign encouraging women to stop “fat talking” about themselves. It argued that the brutal way in which women talk about … Continue reading

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Mind The Gap

Can we just take a moment to think about how awesome Robyn Lawley is? Faced with brutal online criticism of her body, instead of staying silent she directly challenged the people judging and objectifying her body, and wrote an angry article … Continue reading

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All things being equal…

The U.S. Supreme Court is debating Marriage Equality right now, so I just wanted to show my support for what by 2013 should be a given: equality for all.  Here’s to a future where sexual orientation is as relevant to … Continue reading

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