All I want for Christmas…

I’ll be honest readers: I’m in a lingerie funk. 2014 has been awesome for a great many reasons, but frankly it’s been a personal low for my undercrackers.

It all started with my new job in March. I L-O-V-E my job. But my job has me living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time, first forcing me to make some hard style-vs-practicality choices, and then getting me stuck in bad habits.

Taking 7 lingerie sets for a week long meeting bonanza away from your husband isn’t a great use of your baggage allowance. So you start compromising: a couple of sets and some vaguely co-ordinated frillies from M&S’s 3 for 2 selection. Then you realise the bras you’ve chosen aren’t optimal for the mix of outfits you’ve packed, so you sub them out for some more basics – forgetting, perhaps, to even vaguely co-ordinate with the bottoms. Before you know it your packed lingerie selection looks as mish-mashed as an end-of-season bargain bucket and… worse… you’ve even stopped caring.

Well, enough. Lingerie has always been my thing- and right now I’m a mess. My lingerie’s all over the place and – probably no coincidence – I feel pretty crap about my body. I need a make-over (make-under?) in the smalls department. And I need it fast.

Desperately seeking: pretty, flexible and practical lingerie sets with non-aggressive cleavages, low center gores, and non-VPL making pants. Santa, I’ve actually been pretty good this year. Help a sister out?

layla in black by miss mandalay

Layla by Miss Mandalay

Lilliana by Tutti Rouge

That green! Lilliana by Tutti Rouge

Bravissimo DixieI know this is boring but that colour makes me feel all Disney inside. Dixie by Bravissimo.


I just want a butt covered in pansies. Pansy by Freya.

What is my list missing? I need you, lingerie elves!

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2 Responses to All I want for Christmas…

  1. Love love love the green number. Definitely one for the Christmas list…

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