Christina Hendricks to launch own swimwear line

Well this could go either way.

Frustrated by her difficulty finding supportive swimwear, Christina Hendricks has claimed she’s creating her own line of swimwear for big boobed women. Hell, if I were in a position to I’d do the same.

But I’m torn. On one hand, the thought of a (presumably) 50’s-inspired swimwear range for women with curves is Very Interesting Indeed – and while in the last few years retailers Freya and [especially – check out this beaut to a K cup] Panache have blazed a trail for DD+ swimwear, there’s still work to be done before finding a perfect bikini beyond an E cup becomes easy.

But on the other, I can’t help but think the self-confessed *cough cough* DD cup will fall in to the same old predictable trap, and put her name to a range that – in terms of good fitting – doesn’t come close to being able to support her.

As gorgeous as she is, Hendricks is as close to DD cup as I am to world domination. Which – as much I’d like it to be otherwise – is not very close at all. And unless her swimwear line embraces the letters her cups so visibly strain to be in, her swimwear line is going to be Not Very Interesting In The Slightest.

Sure, I like retro swimwear as much as the next person. But another product promoting DD dogma in the face of overwhelming proof of the life beyond H? Another product ‘solving’ problems that can be solved with better understanding of fit and sizing? Another product keeping women in their A-DDs and chasing maximum profit over perfect fit? I’m sorry Christina, but I think I’ve already had enough to last me a lifetime.

But I’m just a cantankerous old lingerie blogger. What do you think?

[Source: The Sun]

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29 Responses to Christina Hendricks to launch own swimwear line

  1. Darlene says:

    I’m afraid you may be right. The bra knowledge is there for the taking, and if she hasn’t found it yet, she isnn’t likely to find it in time to launch a swimsuit line that makes a difference. UNLESS, as it did for me, launching a line becomes a path to knowledge. Perhaps the process will make her more boob-aware. When I began dreaming up Campbell & Kate shirts, I wore a Wacoal Body Suede and believed I was a 38DD.

  2. If she is a DD, I’m a Dutchman.

  3. Anna says:

    “Another product ‘solving’ problems that can be solved with better understanding of fit and sizing?”

    You put that so well! I have tried to give Christina Hendricks the benefit of the doubt, hoping that outside of the media spotlight of red carpet events, she was wearing better fitting bras. But have you seen the pictures of her in a bathing suit that are currently making the rounds online? I actually feel bad for her. It makes me want to send her a Bravissimo catalog with the newest summer swimwear. I remember looking like that when I was a teenager… attempting to find a trendy bathing suit to wear to pool parties, but settling for something (anything) that covered my nipples and gave the vaguest semblance of support.

    Come one, Christina! I see only two reasons for why you are promoting yourself as a DD cup… 1) You are honestly still lost in the horrible landscape of American bras, and to that I say, do an online search and figure it out! 2) You are well informed, but hesitant to reveal your true size. And that makes me sad.

  4. June says:

    I’m also highly sceptical. Seriously, Freya, Curvy Kate or Panache NEED to try and get a hold of her and teach her proper fit. I hope Darlene is right and this is a wake up call to her because if she actually did come out with a full-busted retro line of swimwear that came in my size, I’d be thrilled! The only swimwear in 28J that I know of is either Curvy Kate or a bunch of black Panache suits (where are all the colors?!?!).

    • Where ARE all the colours? I thought Panache were on it this year with Veronica but though she goes up to a K-Cup she only starts at a 30. Ra!

    • I totally agree. Plus she wouldn’t be that expensive for these companies to get. Mad Men is on Cable not a network. While I love CK supporting what real women should look like I I think they should to try to get her and maybe a few other Curvy Celebs to do a Campaign with real women as well.

    • spacklefritz says:

      random person here. oh how I wish there was a swimsuit (other than those black ones) that went into 28J, heck I wish there were more j cup bras with that band size…

      • Ugh I know what you mean – J cup swimwear is coming along leaps and bounds but when it comes to smaller back sizes too? Rubbish. That said, it has been getting better season to season – my fingers are fully crossed for you and next season x

  5. Laura P says:

    I agree with June! Why can’t these companies reach out to her. Who better? Its a total shame that all reports insist that she is a DD. Maybe with the first annual Curvy Kate USA SIAB search, the tides here can begin to change…. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!

    • Here’s hoping Curvy Kate can make all the difference – the ‘refitting’ is always my favourite bit of Star in a Bra and I can’t help thinking the US one is going to be a real treat!

  6. Every time I see some busty celeb reported as having DD breasts, I want to scream. They’re almost always much bigger! If anyone can find Christina Hendricks’ address, I’d send not only a catalogue, but also some bra samples. Can you imagine what a big stride for bra size awareness it would be if she found her real size? All the press releases, all the reports in girlie mags?

    • I wonder if it’s easy to track down her agent…

    • Brianna says:

      I found two addresses. I’m not sure which is the most up to date.
      Christina Hendricks
      c/o the Kohner Agency
      9300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 555,
      Beverly Hills, CA 90212

      Christina Hendricks
      Kritzer Levine Wilkins Entertainment Llc.
      11872 La Grange Avenue
      1st Floor
      Los Angeles, CA 90025

  7. Bras I Hate says:

    Blecgh, I’m not the hugest Christina Hendricks fan. I want to like her but it’s so hard. Like Anna said above, I just sort of feel sorry for her. She doesn’t know how to dress herself! I think the clothes she wears (especially those red carpet dresses) just perpetrate a stereotype that big boobs are cartoonish and can’t be classy – a stereotype which I wish we could all move past. I’m not saying cleavage is bad, I’m talking about really poorly fitted clothes. I’d love to see her body in something beautiful but until that happens, I’m just left befuddled by how she can care so little about herself when she has so many wonderful fans.

    • I wonder if it’s a business move? I mean, there’s no way that cleavage isn’t going on the front page of EVERYTHING – however impractical or precarious it may be…

  8. deb says:

    I think we all feel much the same – we would love it if this truly led to a great range of swim wear in for larger cup sizes (by which we don’t mean only dd but also f, g, h etc ). But rather than getting frustrated and disappointed we should try and do something! It must be possible to get her contact details or at least an agent or a fan site and we all bombard it with comments or letters urging her to make a range that truly caters for larger cup sizes and I think this could include links to companies that currently make bras and swim wear in this size. What do you all think?

  9. Brianna says:

    I’m contemplating writing a letter to her. Would anyone care to join me?

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  11. Crystal says:

    What I want to know is why the hell people think it is any of their business how big someones breasts actually are. There are so many things that go into fitting a bra, and band can compensate for cup size. What gives us the right to fuss about her body? In designing this I am certain that she has nothing at all to do with the actual fit. She will tell a designer what she wants it to look like and they will size. Keep that in mind before you harass this woman via letter for flaunting it because that is what this is really about.

    • I can assure you that’s not what this is about at all from this quarter…

    • You are probably correct about her passing off her designs to a designer, but the letters aren’t “harassing”; they are educational. We write letters in hopes she will pass on the education to her design team. Also, don’t spit on us because we show interest in someone’s bust size. We are interested because WE CARE ABOUT SUPPORT, not because we are gossip hounds. These are bra blogs, not TMZ. These blogs have been “underground” for a long time and if we can educate a celebrity on correct (or near) sizing, this whole issue of women not being supported will finally be brought to the surface. Everyone and their mother knows that 80% wear the wrong sizing, but nobody has cared enough to ask the Whys and How-do-we-fix-its. That’s where these wonderful women come in.

    • There are so many women that aren’t wearing the right bra size for them. Unfortunately there are many young women that look to the media to find out how they look and how they behave. I think if more stars like Christina Hendricks came out and said this is my real bra size and I’m not ashamed of it, then more girls can realize that they might not be wearing a bra that fits correctly.

    • Anna says:

      But band size can not compensate for the wrong cup size. That is a false assumption, based on a narrow view of bras as a device to “accommodate” a woman’s breasts, which is unfortunately a view held by many American women. Even though a larger band size may provide more room in the cup, it won’t compensate for the support that is much needed by well-endowed women. Lack of support leads to back/shoulder pain, rashes and scarring from movement of the underwires under your breasts, and general discomfort, not to mention the detrimental affect on physical appearance. As a celebrity, Christina Hendricks has a unique opportunity to educate women on the benefits of a properly fitting bra. Unfortunately, her presence has almost done the opposite… Young women read that Christina Hendricks wears a DD or DDD bra and continue thinking that those sizes are astronomically large, when it reality they are just the start of the bra alphabet.

      I am fully appreciate of a woman’s desire to “flaunt” herself. As well-endowed women, I think we can all agree that there are appropriate times to promote our assets 🙂 Obviously, Ms. Hendricks thinks the red carpet is one of those times. But this column dealt with swimwear. A brief online search will show you pictures of Ms. Hendricks wearing a very, very unsupportive swimsuit … I don’t want to harass her for that, I want to educate her. I remember looking that way in my bathing suit when I was an uninformed teenager and I can’t believe that any woman would CHOOSE to look like that when there is a wealth of supportive, underwired swimwear available from British and European brands.

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