Panache Veronica bikini – K cup perfection!

Panache Veronica BikiniIt’s red and it’s a bikini. With a bow. Of course I’m going to love it.

Fortunately, Panache’s lovely Veronica bikini does match up to my expectations. The 30G (my usual Panache size) fits perfectly, with a comfortable and soft support perfect for a day on the beach (or a blissful relief from underwired lingerie when sunburned…) It doesn’t give you a Pamela Anderson cleavage, but it’s a nice low-key alternative for those days you don’t feel like being a human lifebuoy.

The best thing? Not only is it cute, it goes all the way up to a K cup – making it something of a rare beast in bikini land. J+ swimwear is usually black and it’s usually bland. Congratulations Panache for embracing those fuller curves with this beauty.

Veronica is available in sizes 30-38 D-K (K – yay!) from Bras and Honey, Bravissimo, and

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5 Responses to Panache Veronica bikini – K cup perfection!

  1. Bras I Hate says:

    I almost ordered this one! I still may try it out. I love the color and I love the idea of something that doesn’t give too much cleavage, sounds like what I’m looking for.

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  3. I ordered this as did my girlfriend – I am a 28K, and my girlfriend is a 28FF, and when it came to trying it on, with her smaller cupsize it was definately more flattering, whereas when it came to my bust, I felt like I was wearing a boobtube, and making out that had a uni-boob, which I hate! the cup came up too high to give any cleavage and the fabric doesnt cling to the boob, but reaches across the dip in between.. I really, REALLY wanted to love this bra, but it was not to be, hope this helps larger cup sized ladies! Im now getting Curvy Kates rio ruffle in blue and purple (fingers crossed this wil be the one!) x

    • Oh no that’s so disappointing! I definitely is not a ‘cleavage’ bikini at the best of times, but such a shame that it didn’t work on your Ks. Am dying to try the Curvy Kate swimwear – you must report back and let me know how you get on! x

  4. Emily says:

    Loved this. I haven’t tried another D+ bikini before but this is really worth the money. I was a bit reluctant to pay £31 though, so I picked one up on Ebay for £15. I’m not sure if it’s genuine or not, but I don’t care because at that price you really can’t moan, especially with the support it offers. I am usually a 34DD but I had to buy 36DD in this because it seemed a bit small, or maybe I’m fatter than I use to be (most probably) XD. The underwiring was not digging in at all, I heard reviews that it did but I can see what 365lovehatefoodtoday means. The wiring doesn’t reach the top of the center of the bikini, so there is a little bit of fabric that doesn’t cling to the chest and kind of folds over and pulls, but it is literally only 2 cm and is nothing to worry about and you can only see it from above. Mine had a little bit of elastic banding sticking out of the seams where the straps met the band at the back and one of these was a little bit irritating but I just rounded it off with some scissors and it is fine now. Again this is probably because I got it off ebay but I’m really happy with it now and glad I bought it. It offers the perfect amount of coverage for me, covering my stretch marks and showing off the ‘good boobage’ as I call it XD Can’t wait to wear this on holiday.

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