Under the Mistletoe: Whistles

Whistles dresses
Continuing my romp through my most loved of 2011, I have to give some love to my brand new go-to shop for every occasion: Whistles.

Now, on the surface I feel like this might be surprising. At the high end of the high street it’s not cheap, many of the clothes are dry clean only (which at 29, I’m still not grown up enough not to groan at), and the models used to show the clothes are always lean-figured waifs at least 75 pies lighter than I am. Plus, in spite of being dressed head to toe in one of the true stars of the British high street, they look bloody miserable.

But don’t be put off. Whistles’ choice of model actually disguises the fact that many of their clothes are cut fantastically for an hourglass shape – in fact often they look better on a fuller figure. They’re a great secret supply of boob-friendly dresses without being of the obviously-from-Pepperberry (no offence meant) variety. And their miserable faces also conceal the fact that wearing Whistles always makes you feel brilliant, because as well as feeling awesome people will actually cross rooms/bars/streets to compliment you. Sure, I’d always prefer to see a variety of shapes and sizes represented by all retailers, but I also know that if everyone knew how great Whistles looked on a G-Cup everyone would be wearing it… Damn.

It’s all beautifully made and, if cared for properly, lasts for ages. Furthermore, the customer services – be it on Twitter, in store or wherever else you may encounter them – is always outstanding. I just love them.

In fact, the only thing I’m at all wary of is their trousers. Endowed with bottom, I wouldn’t bother. But then with dresses like theirs, why would you want to?

Shop Whistles online, or find your nearest branch here:

Above dresses left to right: Veronica Saffia print dress £165, Paisley print dress £150, Daryl column dress £75, Polly Polka spot dress £165

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4 Responses to Under the Mistletoe: Whistles

  1. annasamara says:

    Ooh I’d never considered Whistles before – some of their dresses do look lovely, I’ll have to check them out further! My favourite place to get clothes for curves has got to be Pinup Girl though (www.pinupgirlclothing.com) Their own brand dresses are quite amazing, and they have a search option on their site for body shape to make it even easier to find clothes that will be the best fit!!

    • I’ve not tried Pinup Girl yet but have admired a few dresses – especially a green velvet one I spotted recently that wasn’t too OTT in the retro-styling department. I’ve been put off by the pain shipping of it all and getting stung by customs charges on the way over, but perhaps I’ll pay them a visit in the New Year…. I wonder if they have a spring sale?

      • annasamara says:

        I agree the shipping costs can sometimes be a bit of a sting and it can be better to wait until they have a sale. They ship quickly though, and have excellent online help, and sometimes it’s just worth it if you know you’re getting something that will fit and look good but also be a bit different! And their models are curvy!!! So you can get a much better idea of what the clothes will look like, which is always a nice change 🙂

      • This is true! I’ve heard so many good things about them I will definitely pay them a visit at some point – all I need now is an excuse for a party for that little extra motivation… 🙂

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