Triumph celebrate 125 years with beautiful vintage corsetry *sulk*

Triumph 125 Anniversary Vintage Corset CollectionTriumph, the grand old dame of lingerie manufacturers, celebrates it’s 125th year this season with this beautiful, limited edition collection of classic corsetry and lingerie.

Of course, none of it is available in sizes approaching anything that could handle G-Unit, but it is a beautiful collection for the lucky few it will fit. My favourites include the amazing Vintage Lace dress (below), and the Vintage Touch collection (above) bra, which more than a little bit reminds me of the Jean Paul Gaultier for La Perla range from earlier this year.

The Triumph Vintage collection is available from House of Fraser now. Happy birthday Triumph!

Vintage Lace Dress TriumphTriumph Vintage Touch BraVintage Touch High Waisted Panty

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5 Responses to Triumph celebrate 125 years with beautiful vintage corsetry *sulk*

  1. June says:

    Wow, those are gorgeous!

    Although, I’m not sure if it’s the way the model is sitting in the top picture but it looks like the center gore sticks out far from her body. Maybe they should try making the large cups for their models too. 😉

    • Yes! I thought that too – it looks far too wide for her body in every way – her boobs look like they’re being dragged off in different directions! I would be happy to volunteer G-Unit for any future corsetry experiments….

      • June says:

        Ok, so I’m not crazy! Yes, triumph, if you’re listening, I’d be happy to volunteer too that is if you’re willing to book me a flight from Brazil. 🙂

  2. MariaH. says:

    Triumph is famous for ill-fitting bras on its models. My mother wears the Triumph Letizia in 42D. I measured her and she is more like a 36GG. I have not been able to convince her to switch sizes. One of her favourite arguments is “but this bra in 42D looks on me exactly like it should, just compare it with the picture on the package.” *duh*

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